6 effective yet simple tips to stay happy
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6 effective yet simple tips to stay happy

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6 effective yet simple tips to stay happy


Current studies point to the idea that Americans are unhappy compared to other countries. As much as one in three Americans sees themselves unhappy.

Happiness is often not a permanent thing, it can be brief and short at the same time. Even the best news you can think of right now will only make you happy for a while and after some time will pass. But also there is an immediate risk of placing an expectation on news or event to make us happy, which is a disappointment. This is because most times we tie our happiness to something, and if it’s not achieved or going as expected, we tend to be thrown into an unhappy state. Take an example, your date goes great, but as you move toward a longer-term relationship, the certain issues start to become apparent.

Working to achieve a set goal or target is exciting, but expecting that thing to transport us from unhappy to happy is not certain. For most, happiness is drawn from comparison:

  • • My car is from a rare model—until a more expensive model is driven by.
  • • My husband is great—until my friend tells me how her husband spoils her naughty and treats her like a queen.
  • • My job pays well—until I heard about my friend’s raise at his workplace

Happiness is not really looking at your life through some beautifully painted glasses and taking no account of what happens around us; still, there are ways to stay positive and happy even through the toughest of times. Here are a few tips you can apply to stay happy in any situation:

  • 1. Remember always, “It will come to an end.”
    As happiness is fleeting, so is sadness, The things you are stressing about now, and making yourself unhappy, will no longer matter even a year from now. This is the cycle of life, it keeps changing. Remember the phrase “there is light always at the end of the tunnel.”
  • 2. Alter your self-diction.
    Well, here is a shocker, you own your life, emotions, and feelings, the words you constantly ponder on has a way of making you happy or sad. So the question to you is “what are you thinking of right now?” if they are negative thoughts and are pulling you further into unhappiness, change it and make a whole new positive collection of thoughts. Say to yourself silently, “I am good enough” when someone tells you that you are not. Learn not to let negative words into your head.
  • 3. Find your happy place.
    Be goal specific. You need to properly spell out what makes you happy, what makes you click. Have you heard of the saying that “if you are not going anywhere, you will probably end up anywhere.” Well, this is true. As important as rejecting what you do not want is, so is gunning for what you actually want.
  • 4. The present, not the future.
    Most people just live inside their head, they brood daily about imaginations of the future. A lot of things is happening right now around you, moments you can enjoy, but because you are engrossed in thoughts of tomorrow, you fail to make the most of today. Remember there was a time when where you are now is what you wanted some time ago. So focus on the present and enjoy it.
  • 5. Deep breathes.
    Breathing always calms the nerves and helps to flush out the unhappy feelings.
  • 6. Change the routine.
    This is probably for those who are more engrossed in themselves and always with their gadgets. You need to practice a new habit of going for visits, spend time with friends, and catch up on stuff that is different from the usual. Socialize and interact. Remember, routines have a way to make one unhappy most times.



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