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Life is filled with difficult people, you won’t be able to help but run into them

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Life is filled with difficult people, you won’t be able to help but run into them

Most people have to deal with people in their lives especially when going through adhd treatments that can make you more focused that can make them upset or angry. There’s also situations in which there are people who cause emotional pain.

People who constantly fail to meet expectations, or who won’t complete the work assigned to them in the office. Perhaps a family member who is argumentative and is willing to see your side of things or a boss that makes expectations of you that are unrealistic a best. There will always be people who trigger you.

You can always find different people who will find different ways to be uniquely difficult. Perhaps you’re going through adhd treatments and lack some focus and you’re dealing with people who are constantly interrupting the focus that you are trying to achieve.

Most people who are in fact difficult usually share a commonality in which they think that you are the problem in the equation and therefore the responsibility for fixing the situation in their eyes is on you. Looking at themselves in the mirror to consider what they’ve done themselves. Partially because doing self reflection can be difficult for people, it can be hard to come to terms with the fact that you are actually causing other people pain and they may be very resistant at looking at themselves in the mirror.

While many people will dream of being able to simply fix other people behavior or modify it somehow and with certain people that may in fact be possible if they also agree that it is in fact an issue. You may also wish alternatively that you could just be rid of them and start from scratch with a different person. That sad truth is, is that difficult people are extremely persistent and as soon as one leaves there most likely will be another that introduces themselves into your life at any conceivable moment and often times they do. People sometimes do this to other people without realizing it because they may not be the most emotionally intelligent people. It takes emotionally intelligent people to realize that we’re all human beings with our own unique lives and struggles perhaps someone is seeking adhd treatment because they’ve just realized they need extra help in class or perhaps someone has had the death of a close family member in the family. While most people can’t predict when someone is in pain they should start off with the understanding that most people are in pain from the very beginning of their thought process. It’s because pain is actually relative to the person in question and we all experience pain in different ways and perhaps equally as important to note we all respond to pain differently. So when people look at others to assume they’re not hurting because of how you feel that you personally would respond to things is a bad place to start when trying to figure if a person is having an issue in their personal life. Everyone responds to things differently which is why people who consider themselves need to stop looking for themselves reflected in a different person. There’s no way using this as a starting point for trying to diagnose someone’s general well being will lead to answers or solutions to problems that aren’t relatable and ultimately out of touch.

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