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Self-care is one of the few things within your control

The world is large and it has been here before you and will most likely be here after you so with that knowledge you have to consider what it is that you can actually control within your own life. Many people tend to focus on the things that they can’t control and this has a negative impact on their lives because they can end up feeling anxious, worried and afraid. All of these things have ties to depression and can help you on the road to being depressed if you aren’t able to handle these very normal human feelings effectively. Using adhd treatments can help you if you’re experiencing anxiety from the need to focus on important but mundane tasks in your life. Adhd treatments are something that you can get prescribed to you by your doctor if the agree that you could benefit from their use and are becoming more common as time goes on.

Something else that people tend to overlook that is completely unrelated to adhd treatments but ultimately can have the same effects of alleviating stress and anxiety is self-care. You can’t always control what’s happening around you and beyond the lack of control on events that are out there in the world can seem even more out of your grasp. However, self-care is about doing something about the things that are immediately within your control

Self-care at it’s face value can be something that people struggle to get behind because it can carry a negative connotation of narcissism to some people. When many people hear self-care it can sound as if the people are only looking out for themselves and there’s no room for caring about other people but learning how to take care is an important part of knowing what other people may need as well. People who have to take care of others benefit from self-care the most of all because when they don’t engage in active self-care they can lose the ability to take care of others as effectively. Just imagine extremely tired parents who then have to worry about taking care of their children as well. The children would of course benefit more from parents who are well adjusted and know how to keep themselves happy through self-care rather than parents that expend all of their physical and mental energy before looking after them. Happier care takers particularly for kids show what people who take care of themselves can look like and model good habits of self-care for their children to follow later on in life. Your mind and body can only take so much stress and when you combine a poor sleep diet with poor eating habits and other unhealthy habits this takes a toll on your ability to be an effective care giver in the long run. Your stress and tension will increase to the point where there may just not be much of you left for other people to enjoy.

Not caring isn’t the goal of self-care it’s about making sure you don’t collapse under the stress and tension that can be a natural part of life. It’s about making sure that you’re taking care of yourself enough that your body doesn’t break down and you end up being the person who needs people to take care of them instead. Becoming aware of how the things of life stress you out so you can deal with them in a more effective matter and yes, potentially getting rid of some of the things that perhaps cause too much stress and tension in your life.

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