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Some people just don’t Care


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Some people just don’t Care

Some people just don’t Care

When you're in a bad relationship with someone that doesn't Care about you is going to be tuff.

Some people come from child rearing environments that nurture feelings of not caring. You will find that people that are this way generally are harsh to other people for no reason. Others may have a belief system that certain people are inferior to them and will treat these groups of people in a nasty and inconsiderate manner. This world is loaded with these people who will only call you or check in with you when they want something.

What fosters people being so inconsiderate and not caring? As mentioned earlier it can come from growing up with parents who did not show affection and where not outwardly loving. Life itself can give a person a lot of hardship. This hardship can grow into a defensive and non-caring exterior. In these circumstances these people can feel unloved and find it hard to be loving to others. While I don't claim to know a lot of different religions, some have claimed that religions can cause this because they might promote behaviors that are not very caring. However, the 2 religions I am familiar with this is further from the truth. Albeit, some people misinterpret a lot of things about religions and that can cause some issues.

If you are kind person with a kind heart you will find it very difficult. Especially, when you are dealing with an unkind person. Often time you will try to find ways to get this other person to more considerate of you and nothing seems to work. In fact, things will get worse. These people will smell blood in the water and even crank up their unkind behavior.

There are a lot of research, books written, and seminars given about relationships. Tony Robins has an audio book from which he talks about opposites attract.

The reality is when it comes to people who really have your back when times get tuff are the givers. This can change if the givers view you as an abuser. Because of the opposites attract principal many of these givers are matched with people who are takers. This can be a crappy relationship and a down right abusive relationship.

Ok, so you realize that you are in a relationship where the person could care less about you. There are some things that you can do. But lets first acknowledge that you are a good person and the mere fact that you are a caring person is a good thing. But it is time for you to face the reality that you find yourself in. You're an important person and you must realize that and start taking care of yourself. The idea that you are going to change the stripes of someone is just not realistic.

Here are some things to consider:

Everyone says just leave. It is so easy to just leave. That's just not a reality in most cases. Sure, it is easy to say but it is not easy to do. It is a weird situation when you are in a relationship where you know the other person does not mean you any good. But for some reason you keep chasing the relationship. Crazy as it might seem, you can see yourself doing stupid things with the hope that it will get better even when you know there is no chance of it getting better.

Also, there can be a lot of really pressing reasons to stay in a bad relationship. Some of these factors can include financial needs like keeping a roof over your head. Another and probably the most difficult is when kids are involved. This is going to be a real tuff decision, but you must determine if you and the kids are better off without the non-caring person.

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