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Suffering From Depression

The following information is news only and does not reflect the practice or opinions of the doctor.

We have made tremendous advances in science and technology, but our attitudes towards depression and psychiatry has not changed much. The article talks about the stigma surrounding depression and emphasizes how people dealing with it or having suicidal thoughts need help and support.

The term 'depression' is taboo in society, which believes that any kind of mental illness should be concealed and not revealed. Although there is a small change for the better, there is still a very long way to go. The very fact that a person is being treated for depression is enough to sow seeds of doubt and suspicion in those who know. Twitter polls corroborates this fact by indicating that largely, people were still not comfortable in accepting that they were Suffering From Depression and being treated for the same.

This refusal to recognize and be aware of depression has resulted in many cases not being treated at all. The article cites an instance where depression went unnoticed for a long time.

Forced into taking a medical entrance examination (in Jammu and Kashmir) that the patient was least interested in- caused him a lot of stress and strain. He couldn't eat, sleep or work and lay on his bed constantly drenched in sweat. His whole universe had collapsed and he lived in a dark valley, but others around him occupied in their daily routine, didn't think much of it. The very thought of having to take the medical entrance exam created a sense of anxiety and despondency, and the fact that the only other prevailing alternative- engineering- was ruled out because he had studied non-math subjects, made matters worse.

Clinical tests indicated that the patient was neither diabetic nor jaundiced and that was enough for his parents to believe that he was not diseased in any way. Since they were happy in their own world, they assumed that the patient was too. They refused to even consider depression as an alternative- let alone talk about it. The patient's family goaded him for not taking the exam, reprimanding and chastising him constantly. Jibes and floggings were routine, but all this served only to make the patient more devastated. In an effort to divert his mind from suicidal tendencies, the patient turned towards spirituality and remained behind locked doors.

Although the patient was familiar with many of the prevailing diseases, he never realized at that time that he could be Suffering From Depression. Suffering from pain and agony, despair and dejection, the patient couldn't seek medical help because of the stigma surrounding depression and psychiatrists. Strangely, people are comfortable about gay marriages, surrogacy and medical termination of pregnancy- why then this step-motherly treatment towards depression? Depression can be cured completely if detected early enough and if left untended can lead to death by suicide. With anti-depressants and psychotherapy sessions, depression can be conquered.

Talking about your depression, talking about what problems you are facing is a therapy by itself. So talk with those who are willing to listen and do see a psychiatrist- even if you have to do it secretively, without anyone knowing. If you have a poor appetite, suffer from fatigue, can't concentrate, have low mood levels, are indecisive and have insomnia, you could be Suffering From Depression. So do watch out for those symptoms, recognize them and act fast. Don't let depression overpower you.

Remember, depression is treatable- so don't delay medication. For psychiatry help contact Psychiatry Concierge.