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Take time to appreciate life

Take time to appreciate life

The best time to slow your life down is now

So often people live the life of so much to do and so little time. The generation of struggling to make ends meet and keeping up with the Jones.

I remember watching advertisements back in the 70's where everyone was going to work a 4-day work week. But instead the work week has gotten longer, and many people don't have time nor money to take a vacation. If you're like I was I spent a large amount of my time checking my emails and looking at my phone. America is truly the rat race for many Americans. The emergency room is full of heart attack victims and stroke victims.

Everybody is hustling. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people saying I got to stay in the hustle. Many people are watching every second, trying to maximize every fraction of every second. Optimize! Optimize! It's crazy and stressful. When people don't meet their stress related goals then they become depressed. Give me a half of cup of juice instead of a full cup of juice because the full cup will take me 10 seconds longer to drink.

What does all this crazy rushing do for you? How about more gray hairs, lots of anxiety, heart attacks, strokes, ulcers and feeling irritated to name a few. Getting that text sent can't wait to your not drive so you chance crashing your car. Trust me I have experienced that, no fun.

Is rushing the rule in your life? Even more stress comes from people who depend on you. This would include your family, children and parents. Many husbands stress themselves to death trying to buy their wife that perfect everything. Even when they know they can't afford it. Wives do the same thing trying to be super mon and wife. Your parents are getting up in age and now they can no longer take care of themselves. So many adults in their 50's find they are strangled between helping kids that are not quite self sufficient and parents that completely dependent. The reality is the time to enjoy your life is often stolen from you. So, it is important to get that vacation in sooner than later.

Don't believe the hype the demands are not necessarily real in most cases.

How do you turn this around? Here are Five steps to put into action:

The first step is to be honest with yourself and admit that you are a rush-acholic. Identify, the motions that you go through every time you are rushing. Understand some basic realities of life. As long as you're living there is going to be something that needs to be done. There is going to be some demand that is being put on you. To break the grip that rushing has on you, you will probably need to find ways to remind yourself everyday for awhile not to rush and it can wait. The second step is to prioritize. Important that you keep a job. Evaluate if the current job is stressing you out to much and remember the best time to get a new job is while you have a job. You might even make more money with less stress. What things can you off load to a service like walking your dog? Making time for your kids? Can you cut out some TV time to spend more time with your kids? Your kids are probably a priority so record that favorite program and get to it when you have down time.

Pay attention to your body. Notice your pains and identify when you are racing and force yourself to calm down. Mastering your mind is not easy to do but it is something that will reduce your stress level. By mastering control over your mind, you can reduce the stress and anxiousness. Improve your scheduling by designing your schedule in a discipline manner. Give fixed times to your meetings and if an appointment is at 3pm then schedule it for 2:45. The trick is to really work towards 2:45.

Find ways to remind yourself that the most important thing is the journey. When you have kids you re often remind how fast the time seems to go. The next thing you remember is they are on their way to college and to get married. So, focus on the journey, enjoy the sausage making and live in the now. There is so much to learn when you are doing this and so much to enjoy as well.

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