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Five steps to getting where you want to go


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Five steps to getting where you want to go

So often we are working everyday only to feel like we are not getting to the goal we have setup for ourselves. This is something that so many people experience on a yearly basis. Our goals seem so hard to get to even though we feel like we are working harder and harder.

So, what is wrong? You know you have the ability and your putting in the effort. Are you getting down on your self or maybe you just think that you are really unlucky. There has got to be something that you can do to make your dreams come true.

It's time to look over your goals. Writing these goals down in a clear manner is so important. Making a vague goal like I will get married this year is very vague and could create more problems than you actually want, lol. Be detailed in your goal setting. Like I want a spouse that believes in this or believes in that. It is important to gage if the person really believes in this element, so be sure not to state that – that is what you are looking for. You might find that person's representative is just that person for a short while. By focusing on the details you will find that your mind will be able to focus on those elements and put you in the direction of your goals. As opposed to being all over the place.

So, what is impeding your progress from your goals? If your not where you want to be something is getting in the way. Have you not acquired the skills? Or perhaps you don't have the available time? Maybe you don't have the money to be in the space you want to be? Are you bringing along baggage that is sabotaging your success? Sometimes these obstacles can be overwhelming, but you have to focus on the ones that you can change or remove. It is important to organize these obstacles in a manageable action items.

So re-commit yourself to those goals again. Some people create goals because they feel like they should always be pushing goals. This most like comes from their upbringing or the fact they have had years of success and just don't know how to relax or sit still. The problem is once you really examine your goals in detailed you may find that these are not really things that are important to you at all. Step back and take the big picture, you might find that things look quite different.

So your committed to you reviewed goals and now you realize that the task needed are like an elephant. The question then becomes how do you eat an elephant? The answer is one byte at a time. Start with one step at a time. For example, for me I start improving my golf game by working on improving my driver play, then I went to my Irons, then I went to my woods and finally my putting. I still suck but I went from shooting 130 to shooting 99. If you have ever played golf then you know how significant that is. I'm still dreaming of that day when I break 90, but it will come.

The key is to focus on one thing at a time that is part of your action plan. Enjoy the journey along the way sometimes you will find that the journey is actually more fun then reaching the goal.

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