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Getting Admiration


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Getting Admiration

Getting Admiration

Getting Admiration, happiness, moreover general well-being.

Admiration. Should you blindly admire your parents, your pastor, politicians? What if those people aren't behaving in a way that should be admired? What if you see and experience them misbehaving over and over again. What if they keep making one bad decision after another? What is admiration? It does come from people just being in your life or them just having a position of worth. (That sound statement sounds like something from Spartacus, but I regress). According to, 1. A feeling of wonder, pleasure, or approval. 2. The act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure: admiration of fine paintings. 3. An object of wonder, pleasure, or approval: The dancer was the admiration of everyone.

It is true you could admire someone just because they are in charge, or Bishop of a large church. And you can admire someone because they are a hard worker, they are having great business success and even marital success. But you could also admire someone because they do what they say, because they are living in a way that you would like to live. What if you were admired because you treated your friends, family and strangers with compassion and care?

If you believe that you should be admired because of your race, your family name, your position in life then you are not going to like a lot of what is to come next in this article. However, if you want to be admired because you are deserving of being admired based on the qualities of who you truly are, then the information to follow is going to be very helpful to you.

1. Talking the talk and walking the walk are key things that determine how people determine your level of integrity. You can say whatever but people are generally paying attention to your actions. If you have teenagers you will quickly learn to pay attention to actions and results as opposed to what they are telling you. Making bad decisions and then trying to deny the obvious bad decisions makes it so much harder for people to admire you. For example, if you voted for a gorilla instead of Hillary Clinton and then trying to say that you did not help to get Donald Trump elected is a good example of being in denial. This will not help people to admire you. Do what you say and say what you do on a consistent bases will help to build your admiration.

2. Parents want to be admired by their kids. Parents spend so much time being concerned about our children's wellbeing. We often disagree with the path our children take and often times we are correct as they bump their heads against many walls. But we still have to not be completely judgmental. But if we want to be admired we have to find common ground and don't try to act like we never do anything wrong.

3. Cruelty comes from weakness! There are people that will treat a person harshly because they feel that – that person is beneath them. It is clear that children, animals, a less dominate spouse, or an employee with a softer disposition are generally disadvantaged in life. A Person soften themselves to be supportive of a person that is weaker can be admired by that person.

4. It is true that your skills and the need for them can reduce and can be replaced, but the qualities of your character will remain with you and a part of you for a life time. In fact, being the person in charge, winning awards, will fade away at some point. You really can't take it with you. If you want to be admired then talk the talk and walk the walk when you are up or down. Consistently show the character of who you are. To be a truly admired person, you don't need stuff; you need the right character.

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