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It is Difficult to Treat Kids with ADHD


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It is Difficult to Treat Kids with ADHD

It is Difficult to Treat Kids with ADHD

On a frequent basis the Famous Dr. Silberstein will write in his column about mental health issues. One of the areas he recently wrote about was which is better and safer for children, Adderall or Ritalin.

Many children are gifted and highly intelligent but also find it very difficult to pay attention in school. When parents discover this truth it allows themselves take a different approach to nurturing and treating their child.

Some parents will put their child on Ritalin which is an amphetamine type of medication. This is a common treatment for ADHD. In some cases the child becomes enlightened with improved acedemics and their self image all improve. Some people will find that this will continue into college and also into the work field. You will see these individuals often using coffer as a stimulus to help them focus. One of the biggest problems however is the social impact of being labeled.

There are a lot of discussions and debates about the use of Ritalin. Some believe without its use the child might develop skills that would allow him to cope with the lack of focus issues over time. This would eliminate the other debates which center around the possibility that it may stunt a child's growth. There is a great book out on the subject called "Driven to Distraction".

Putting your child or someone else's child on a chemical that could affect the growth of the brain is a difficult decision. Stimulants have definitely been proven to affect areas of the brain. Sitting still and paying attention for long durations of time is required in school, church and basically life. However, an ADHD medication can help a child cope in situations that require focus. Figuring out the right approach generally requires a pediatrician and a child psychiatrist.

Most pediatricians and psychiatrist will not prescribe ADHD medicine without first doing an evaluation from the school, the parents and the child. Most doctors will begin by prescribing a small dose of Ritalin. It is important to note that Ritalin is considered more targeted to the brain than Adderall. There are also other medicines like Clonidine and Strattera that have been know to have positive results. But like with everything, there can be risks and side effects.

The reality is that getting a hand on ADHD is not an exact science. There is a high probability that the doctor will try many different things while monitoring the results of each to determine which is the best fit for each individual child.

Most school's have special ed teachers and psychologist on staff that will help at identifying potential problems. The Individualed Educational Programs are a battery of tools that these education professionals will use. As mentioned earlier getting a full medical evaluation is very-very important before you start any treatment.

Some of the proven causes for poor attention include excessive video game playing, depression, stress disorders, anxiety and learning disorders. Your child can also be gifted which could result in school boredom and sleep deprivation.

There have also been many studies to determine if diet can cause ADHD, but the results have been inconclusive. Kids can become uncontrollable when they eat excessive carbohydrates. In most cases the introduction of sugar is the culprit. Remember that carbohydrates turn almost directly into sugar after you eat them. It is quite amazing and the idea that I have personally have had to give up a lot of bread has been very disappointing. It is always best to raise your child on lots of vegetables, fruits, fish and very lean natural meats.

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