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Kids can be Strong and nice at the same time


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Kids can be Strong and nice at the same time

Kids can be Strong and nice at the same time

Kids have so much to worry about. Everything from peer pressure, drug use, alcohol use, not smoking, keep up with school work and being accepted to their school sports team.

Every kid has lots of needs to include physical needs and maintaining a desired lifestyle. Technology is no friend to parents and make it very difficult for parents to manage the information that their children is receiving on a daily, hourly and minute to minute bases.

It is clearing more difficult for parents to be responsible and good parents. Now as a parent in this new age you have yet one more thing that you have to be concerned about. That is teaching your kid how to be strong and defend him or herself while at the same time making sure that your child doesn't become an unkind person. This lesson may be an essential life skill that your child will need to succeed.

So what is being Strong?

Being a bully is not the definition of being strong. In reality, the strong person is not only strong physically but also in the mind. The ability to be able to handle what the world throws at you is really critical. The strong minded person is confident and allows himself to pull upon his or her own self.

Here are a list of things parents can do:

1. As a parent you need to educate your child to be able to identify the things that will set him / her off or make them really upset. This is important because if you can recognize these stimuluses then you give the child the opportunity to try and circumvent the situation before it gets out of hand.

2. Changing the language and communication from language that will lead to violent actions is also important. It is important to be able to manage the words that people are saying to you and the words you are using to say to others.

3. Stand for something. Assist your children discover something they care about and something they believe in. Permit them to volunteer, write correspondence to someone they admire regarding something important, become educated about what is happening around them (yes, even young children can be taught to care about their surroundings and their world). The more they have an inner core that stands for something, the less probable they will be to fall for anything.

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