Add some blarney to your vocabulary
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Add some blarney to your vocabulary

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Add some blarney to your vocabulary


Blarney has almost become non-existent in most of our conversations. When we say "blarney," we don't mean sweet words used to gain favor, but rather sincere compliments. A sincere compliment can go a long way into brighten someone's day, or make someone feel valued, and that's something the world needs now.

The key to offering blarney is that you have to be sincere with it, and allow it to be genuine. You have to make it relate to the person you are offering. The following are some essential steps you have to know if you want to add some blarney to your vocabulary.

  • • Let your compliments be sincere and thoughtful. In fact, you can start right now. Just commit yourself every day to offer a sincere and genuine compliment to someone. You can decide to do it work tomorrow, or even at the grocery store. If your intentions are true, it will be easy for you to say something nice to someone and mean it.
  • • Don't reduce the impact of the compliment with a "but." People don't really pay attention to anything that comes before a "but," they only want to hear what comes after. So, don't make your compliment less effective by ruining it with a negative comment. Just give you compliment and stop.
  • • There is a thin line between offering a genuine compliment and sounding like a jerk or perv. You have to be aware of who, what, and the way you compliment someone. That's why it is essential to have a general view of each person you intend to compliment. Not all compliments will work for everyone. While some compliments might work with some people, others might be perceived as inappropriate. Be cautious in your approach, and test out what you want to say in your head. If it isn't appropriate in your head, you probably shouldn't voice it out.
  • • Be specific with your compliments. The simple truth is that when your compliments are specific, people tend to believe it more. Look out for specific details and add it to your compliments.
  • • A sincere compliment shouldn't expect anything in return. Giving a good compliment is a reward in itself. You feel good about yourself, because you've made someone else's day, and you've made them happy.
  • • Expect people to react in some way to your compliment. Now, this reaction can be positive or negative, so just prepare your mind to receive a type of reaction. Remember you can't control how people react to what you say, you can only do your part.



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