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Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Everyone feels anxious at times. It is not an issue that cannot be fixed. Most times, people are anxious when they face hard situations like deciding on something big or taking an exam of any sort. This anxiety makes it very hard to go on about life normally and causes hindrances in the daily life of anxious people.

This is especially worrying when there is no certain reason why the panic encompasses the person. When we are unable to pinpoint the reason, it becomes very difficult to get rid of the panic. Anxiety is a mental disorder affecting millions of people, overwhelming them with panic and fear.

People who frequently have panic attacks go through an endless and hasty feeling of fear at odd times. There is no telling what might trigger the fear and then result in a panic attack. An attack like this renders the person unable to respond and collect their thoughts.

Although there is no known cure of anxiety and panic attacks, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you handle them well. Some people with extreme anxiety disorders go for prescribed antidepressants, while others opt for therapy.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Studies show that the reason why people suffer from anxiety disorders is not genetics, or personality issues. Rather, causes of anxiety are fear, worry, stress, tension, or shame. Additionally, disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) also play a role in causing severe anxiety.

Listed below are some signs to look out for when you think you are facing an anxiety attack:

  • ● Nervousness
  • ● A devastating gut feeling
  • ● Faster heart rate
  • ● Hyperventilation
  • ● Insomnia
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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders


There is no way to pinpoint the cause of anxiety for anyone. Every person has a different reason as to why they may suffer from anxiety disorders. However, the theory that these disorders are hereditary has been debunked numerous times.


The most common belief is that the cause of anxiety is memories of former trauma that arise when a similar situation is posed. Additionally, people believe that anxiety can also stem from medical issues and more than one disorder.


Some symptoms that may help you view anxiety disorders are:


  • ● Nausea
  • ● Dizziness
  • ● Hyperventilation
  • ● Insomnia
  • ● Restlessness
  • ● Inability to remain calm
  • ● Heart palpitations
  • ● Dry throat