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Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Today, anxiety is an issue that affects more than half of the world. From faint signs in children to full-blown anxiety disorders in the elderly. People are constantly facing anxiety in one way or the other. For some people, anxiety comes and goes. Any difference in routine or a difficult situation can make a person feel anxious. This is easily resolved. However, a bigger issue poses when it comes to anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders are a compilation of disorders that come together in the form of fear, worry, tension, nervousness and more to render the person incapable of basic tasks. A panic attack is when anxiety accumulates so much that the person is overwhelmed with fear and anguish.

Social anxiety is another sort of anxiety that can throw a person into a panic attack. Any situation that develops in public and is deemed unsuitable by the anxiety-ridden person, will convince their receptors to go into a panic attack where there is nothing but nervousness and apprehension.

To help a person understand and encounter your anxiety head-on, you may want to take up counselling or an antidepressant for immediate help.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

There is no way to pinpoint the cause of anxiety for anyone. Every person has a different reason as to why they may suffer from anxiety disorders. However, the theory that these disorders are hereditary has been debunked numerous times.

The most common belief is that the cause of anxiety is memories of former trauma that arise when a similar situation is posed. Additionally, people believe that anxiety can also stem from medical issues and more than one disorder.

Some symptoms that may help you view anxiety disorders are:

  • ● Nausea
  • ● Dizziness
  • ● Hyperventilation
  • ● Insomnia
  • ● Restlessness
  • ● Inability to remain calm
  • ● Heart palpitations
  • ● Dry throat
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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders


Although the cause of an anxiety attack is not known, like other mental diseases, anxiety attack doesn’t come from weakness, character flaw or poor family background. Research undertaken by researchers proves that these illnesses come from many factors that also arise from changes in the brain and environmental stress.


Symptoms of these anxiety attacks are:


Some depression forms are quite different and grow according to some conditions like:


  • Feeling of tension, nervousness or fear.
  • Choking feeling
  • A Sleeping problem
  • Wet or cold palms and feet
  • Pain in the chest
  • Short breath
  • Heavy and abnormal heartbeats
  • Heart palpitation
  • A problem being still or calm
  • Dry throat
  • Muscular tension
  • Nausea
  • A numb or tingling feeling in the feet and hands
  • Dizziness

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