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Forms of Depression

Depression happens regularly, but can develop into a major mood illness if not checked. Depression, when advanced is known as clinical depression or depressive disorder. It will result in symptoms that greatly affects thinking, feelings and routine activities. Sleep, work, and eating will also be affected. Although it is normal to have mood swings, when it becomes prevalent for more than two weeks, then all signs point to depression.


Some depression forms are quite different and grow according to some conditions like:

  • Regular depressive disorder
  • Regular disorder effects
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Perinatal depression
  • Bad Mood
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Symptoms of Depression

Although depression does not have any age limit, it usually occurs in adults. Common depression in kids and young ones are usually bad moods or bad temper. Severe worry and mood disorder present in adults are depressive disorder in kids.

The following symptoms must be prominent for up to two weeks


  • Sad feelings, worry, and emptiness
  • Hopeless and pessimistic thoughts
  • Helplessness, hopelessness and low self-esteem
  • No longer happy with things
  • Low concentration
  • Low memory
  • Unable to take decisions
  • Oversleeping
  • Less sleep
  • Diet change
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Weight loss and gain
  • Suicidal or death thoughts
  • This should be treated as soon as possible in order to be effective. Physiotherapy, drugs or both can be used in treating depression.
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Treatment is more effective the earlier it begins. Depression is usually treated with medications, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two. Contact us today to begin your treatment process.