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Medication Management West Palm Beach


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Medication Management

The purpose of the medication management service is to help to promote the safe use of medication and aid our patients achieve the best results from their medication. For those with mental health disorders, medication management is often an important part of the recovery process. It is needed to be used in an effective way as part of the overall treatment.

In addition to simply the mechanics of medication compliance, it is also important to have the monitoring of a psychiatrist so they can ensure that your medication continues to be effective. Sometimes, as our bodies change, the medication dosage or brand has to be altered to work more efficiently. Our medication management processrequires that you inform your doctor of any side effects you are experiencing, so that proper adjustments can be made.

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Help with medication management:

Use pill boxes: this allows you to put your medication into different sections so that you can just open the right section at the right time and take all the pills in that section.

Signs: placing signs around the house can help remind someone to take their medication.

Lists and schedules: make a weekly schedule that includes medication that needs to be taken as well as the dosage and the time that it is to be taken.

Timers and alarms: setting an alarm so that when it goes off you know that it is time to take your medication.