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Forms of Depression

Depression is very prevalent, but if not controlled can become a severe mood problem. Conditions that are severe are clinical depression or significant depression disorder. It can result in signs that affect thinking, feeling and handling day to day tasks. It has effects on work, sleep, and feeding. Mood swings are usually normal, but these signs must be present for about two weeks before being diagnosed with depression.

Categories of depression

Depression categories that are slightly vivid or grow under some conditions are:

  • Consistent depressive disorder
  • Psychotic depression
  • Perinatal depression
  • Consistent affective disorder.
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Unorganized mood.

Signs of depression

The starting of depression does not have any age limit but sometimes start in adults. It’s now majorly seen in kids and young ones and significantly ill-tempered than in a bad mood. Children go through a high level of anxiety which turns out to become severe anxiety and mood disorder.

Signs of depression that must be prevalent for more than 2 weeks are:

  • A feeling of emptiness, sadness, and anxiousness
  • Hopelessness or pessimistic feeling
  • Feeling of guilt, helplessness or worthlessness.
  • No longer enjoying things of personal fun
  • Problem in concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Decision-making problems
  • Less sleep
  • Too much sleep
  • Change in diet
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Restlessness or ill-tempered.
  • Death or suicidal thoughts.

The earlier the treatment, the more effective it is.

Medications, physiotherapy or both are used to treat depression.


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