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Significant boost for mental health care services . The execution of the National Mental Health Strategy between 2013 to 2018 has brought about a significant boost to the country’s mental health services which are targeted at building an integrated and extensive mental health system as stated by a senior officer.

In order to properly analyze the chances of substance-related disorder caused by mental health disorder in kids such as ADHD, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder, researchers carried out 37 meta-analyses of 762,187 individuals. Read more... ADHD in children– Depression raises the chances of addiction

If you haven't had the opportunity to play with one yet, fidget spinners are little plastic and metal toys made with skate bearing. They can be flicked, and they turn for an extremely long time (normally more than a minute). They are, as a matter of fact, amazing to watch and can be found everywhere. Read more... Manufacturers of fidget spinners promoting their toys as a treatment for Anxiety, Autism and ADHD

Have you ever been told by an individual “Do you know it is not just about you? Has any individual informed you to stop paying attention to yourself alone and consider others too? Read more... 5 Methods of diverting your attention from the Inward to the Outward.

Raising kids is a very difficult task for parents, as many of them may not have had the proper upbringing or role models to follow. Life is filled with different challenges and parents have to filter through responsibilities from work, financial obligations, health issues and concerns from the extended family together with catering for their kids. Read more... How you can prevent your parents from becoming deeply involved in your mind.

The shortcomings of a district health board have been exposed following its failure to see the signs of a young man's dilapidated mental health. Read more... The Story Of DHB And The Microchipped Man

Unlike physical illness, mental or psychological illness is not given much importance in the society because of a stigma attached to it. Read more... mental or psychological illness

The new American way in this recent political condition is to point fingers to someone else as the cause of your woes. Read more... The Habit of Self Reflection

Times are very hard in different areas. A 2015 survey discovered that since the Great Recession in 2009 Read more... Approach to becoming more confident irrespective of your job outcome.

The lack of knowledge about anxiety disorders reveals to us that people are generally not prepared to support those suffering from this type of illness.... How can you help someone with anxiety?

We fault ourselves and consider ourselves incompetent or useless when we can't focus and cross things from our to-do list.... Why is it not easy to resolve our attention problems?

In research pioneered by Stanford University, researchers established five new types of psychological illness that cut through the existing broader diagnoses of depression and anxiety..... Five new types of psychological illness

My first reaction to teaching on a screen filled with rows of faces inside blocks of squares, I thought would simply be a disaster to endure..... A Personal View: Taking note of unexpected benefits

Antidepressants are used by almost 12.7% of Americans that are over 12 years old..... Usage of Antidepressant during First Trimester of Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism or ADHD

Despite the increased awareness of mental health issues and their sensitivity, it is still quite difficult to acquire a therapist that does not judge.... The Best Online-Therapy Platforms

There is a genuine connection between being messy and mental health. We have provided a few low-lift tips to help maintain a clean home..... Why it may feel impossible to clear the clutter

A mind that races every time can be a curse and a blessing. This is what we are aware of.... ADHD offers a creative advantage to some individuals

Thanks to these reputable teletherapy platforms, online therapy & mental health care have become easier and more convenient.. Get excellent mental health care at home with all these highly rated online therapy sites

Get excellent mental health care at home with all these highly rated online therapy sites.... All these highly rated online therapy sites

Blarney has almost become non-existent in most of our conversations. When we say "blarney".... Add some blarney to your vocabulary


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